Some of the pictures on this website do not belong to me and none of those who own the photography or the videos here endorse the work I do. I don’t take credit for any of them. In fact, I attribute the photographer if that information is available on the commons website that I frequent.

If you find an image that belongs to you and feel that I have wrongfully taken it, let us first take a deep breath… now, exhale. We’ll all get through this together! Email me at neilprotacio@ymail.com.

  • I need your name and contact information.
  • Description of your work.
  • Some sort of proof that you are the owner of the work in which you claim has been infringed upon.
  • The link of my post in which you found it on.
  • statement that tells me that you know for a FACT that the copyrighted work was not authorized by you or any agency.
  • Your signature which can be sent electronically (sign it, scan it, send it)
  • statement that tells me you are 100% accurate and not lying to me when you’re telling me that your work was definitely stolen. This statement is bound by penalty of perjury.

And if you’re too lazy to get your ass to your email domain site, here’s a form for you:

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