I don’t care who did it; Chris Brown needs to calm down.

Chris Brown is being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department about a claim that he and his posse allegedly jumped Grammy nominee, Frank Ocean at a studio parking lot in West Hollywood (of all fucking places).

TMZ reported that someone of Brown’s entourage alleges that Ocean instigated the fight, after confronting Brown about a parking spot. Inversely, however, an eyewitness who was at the scene, said it was Brown who provoked the fight after Ocean refused to shake his hand. Anyway, Hilarity ensues and according to a tweet later released by Ocean hours after the commotion, Ocean’s fingers have been cut and he won’t be able to perform with two hands at the Grammy’s.

I don’t know if that’s gay shade being thrown over Twitter, but any who…

I’ve bashed on Brown before and that was because I feel he wasn’t truly sorry for laying the smack down on Rihanna. Yes, later on down the line, the two let bygones be bygones, but Brown still continues to act a damn fool, throwing chairs out of windows and starting stupid fights (let us not forget about Drake).

Even if the source close to Brown is right and Ocean did start the brawl, Brown will, no matter what, end up looking like the bad guy because a) he beat the shit out of Rihanna, b) he’s liable to tantrums, and c) Ocean is gay and Brown is guilty of being a homophobe.

No matter what, he’s the bad guy. If he wants the remainder of his five-year probation to go by smoothly, he must dig deep and clutch hold of whatever spiritual entity he believes in so he can keep his shit together.

(Oh, and what’s his deal with furniture? First he throws a chair out after an interview on Good Morning America, now he’s trashing everything inside the studio.)

I love Chris Brown music, ya’ll. I’m guilty of blasting it and acting slutty. But his music isn’t going to speak for itself when he’s tangled up in brawl drama.

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