Pasadena City College students and faculty slammed in editorial

You can read it here.

While I don’t deny that the Pasadena City College Faculty Association does a pretty damn good job at making it seem like its battle is an all inclusive one, I also won’t deny that the students are up to their ankles deep in administrative bullshit.

“Act like adults?” God bless you, Pasadena Sun.

Other than the mere fact that guest lectures with porn stars are enough to put the administration in cardiac arrest, the decision to cut the winter intersession and replace it with two summer sessions was premature ejaculation at best. Sure, it felt good getting your fix, but ya fucked us all over.

What happened next was a mishmash of planning and redeveloping a calendar that the administration and the Board said would work for everyone. You know, until all of a sudden, you find out that your summer courses won’t count for those trying to transfer to a UC or CSU.

Enter Senior Vice President Robert Bell and his genius plan: You’re not going to have a Summer Part 1. You’re going to have a Spring Part 2.

Um, what?

The administration has put forth an extended spring semester and are not allowing students to view the 400 sections of classes to be offered until about a week before official registration begins. Why? Because those sections are still subject to change.

While the future for students is still certain as long as they don’t continuously withdraw and fuck up in class, it’s hard to deny that the administration’s hardly thought out decisions don’t play any role in the delays. If you refer to my post about how my dance class, for some odd ass reason, didn’t count toward my degree, you’d see just how small, yet stupid kinks this school has to iron out.

It’s discouraging when people from the outside looking in only see one side of the story. They paint the Faculty Association as two-faced and only using students as their bullhorn into the ears of the PCC top dogs. Come to think of it, I did too. But when you use the administration – no, the President, actually – as your source to scope out student reactions to winter class cuts, then obviously you’re not seeing the bigger picture.

Act like adults, you say? It’s hard to act like adults when you’re stuck in this damn school.

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