Tamerlan Tsarnaev: How Americans Ended Up Looking Like Complete A-Holes

Photo was taken by Aaron 'tango' Tan.

Photo was taken by Aaron ‘tango’ Tan.

Yes, Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon. He killed four people all together in him and his brother’s crime spree. He injured hundreds of people. And he may or may not have been involved in a murder that happened in 2011.

I’ll take that. In fact, I agree with you guys. Tsarnaev is more than what we consider a murderer. He’s a terrorist. And before you sociology majors start throw up the racism card, let’s be clear. Terrorism has no legal boundary. Anybody who provokes fear in a magnitude such as the Boston bombings to promote their views is a terrorist. The New York Times has covered this. Dzhokhar, Tamerlan’s brother, has chimed in and said they were motivated by extremist Islamic beliefs.

Also, did ya’ll know Al-Qaeda had a magazine? I know, right?

But despite being shot by police, injured by his own bomb blast, and being killed by his own brother, Americans wanted to pour some salt and lemon juice over an open wound. They wanted to kick someone while they were down – no, not down, while he’s dead. They wanted to make sure good ol’ America got the last laugh, no matter how cold-hearted. And how did they go about that? Why, by heavily protesting his burial on U.S. grounds of course.

I get it. We’re mad. We have every right to be mad. The tragic event that unfolded on April 15 has been an eyesore, especially for those who indulge the media like me. I can only imagine how traumatizing it must’ve been for the people who WERE there: runners, supporters, passer-byers. Hell, it must’ve been especially brutal for those who simply work in the buildings nearby. After all, bombings are, generally, a bad thing.

I understand the angst and I understand the grief. I offer my condolences and sympathy to those who have been affected. Now in that same sentiment, why could we not do the same for Tamerlan?

We’ve always been taught by society that we should forgive. Or that if we have nothing nice to say, we should kindly keep our mouth shut. And while what he did is unforgettable and probably unforgiveable, Americans who felt strongly about his burial on American soil forget to scope out the very human nature of him: the fact that he was someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s husband, someone’s father.

In fact, so grieve-stricken were Americans that instead of peacefully submitting their opinions to cemeteries and refrain from flapping their gums, they screamed, “Just burn him and throw him in the sewer!”  They wrote signs that said, “Bury the Garbage in the Landfill!”

“Send him back to wherever he came from,” said Darlene Olsen, of Leicester Mass.

Honey, he’s from Cambridge, Massachusetts. How you doin?

Whatever happened to the American vision? The vision that despite no matter who you are and where you came from, you’d be respected and you’d be given rights? Whatever happened to the vision of American appearance? Sure, we’re uppity bitches, but we classy. We uphold decency to the umpth degree. Aren’t we the ones who made the American Olympic team wear those ridiculous, “updated take on old-world elegance’ uniforms? C’mon, man. If we look the part, we gotta act the part.

The argument here is not that Tamerlan deserves a hero’s sign-off. I’m saying we needed to respect his family and their wishes to have him buried. And thankfully they did… secretly. The uproar that Americans have sounded off, however, is atrocious.  We can’t write this shit down in history books. What will the international students think?

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4 Responses to Tamerlan Tsarnaev: How Americans Ended Up Looking Like Complete A-Holes

  1. I hope they buried that scumbag in the ocean.

  2. yanniesaurus says:

    Huh. Well. What a topic! I am at a loss for words.

  3. Peter Alexander Vaughn says:

    Actually, that POS didn’t deserve even the most basic rights. Kick him while he’s down? We should have tied him to the back of the T.

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