Rape Culture and What They Choose To Ignore

Flickr (divinenephron)

Flickr (divinenephron)

Rape culture. It’s been around for a long time. From slut shaming to the higher authorities not taking sexual assault victims seriously, the theory that society enables rape and sexual assault is alive and kicking, most especially today in light of various scandals.

But in educating the public that no means no – albeit that very statement being a rather obvious yet often ignored rule – the posters, the fliers, the blogs, and the protests that want to educate people that “It’s not the victims! It’s the rapists!” – THEY have aimed their backlash at only one perpetrator.

Men. Men all around the world need to be taught not to rape.

Men… *snarls* the scumbag of the Earth. I mean all of us are rapists. That’s why you need to educate us the same way you need to educate blacks not to steal. The same way you need to educate Mexicans not to sell drugs. Men – such vile, repulsive creatures.

In fact, how dare these 14,000 men in the military come forward as sexual assault victims! Why do we put wimps in the military?

How dare the male prisoners in juvenile prisons even utter a word about the female staff members who victimized 10,000 of them! Females can’t rape males!

Oh, and the boy from Canada who was raped by 4 women – yeah. Perhaps some time at the gym, pumping iron will give him the balls to fight back.

And for those of you who can’t take a hint… [/sarcasm].

Rape is rape, regardless of gender. If you penetrate with your penis or your finger, caress or stroke, and/or ride the D without the consent of the individual, you have forced yourself unto someone and in turn, victimized them. Rape is not the penetration of the penis. Rape and sexual assault means taking advantage of someone and physically and forcefully objectifying them.

Though ‘statistics’ tells us that women are most likely to get raped than men, we should not turn the blind eye to those who have experienced being sexually oppressed.

So here’s a hint for all our ‘politically correct’ fighters out there who want to put an end to rape: educate both men AND women not to rape.

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7 Responses to Rape Culture and What They Choose To Ignore

  1. Asmira says:

    I agree. Men can be raped too and it has nothing to do with physical strength. If a man is blamed by the society for getting raped, then that is wrong too. The perpetrator is at fault and should be punished but this should not be generalized to all men or all women.

    • neilprotacio says:

      The double standard for men is kind of a kick to the balls. We’re seen as weak if we do get raped and if we report it… well, if a straight man reports it, for some reason it comes off as ‘gay.’

      That’s not to discredit the shame women feel however. Both male and female survivors are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to rape.

      • Asmira says:

        Sadly, what you say is right. It is this kind of perception as gay or weak that makes it hard for a man to open up even to his loved ones.

  2. yanniesaurus says:

    Hey there Kitten! I have nominated your blog for the Leibster Award! If you are interested, Check out my post for the details! Keep up the great work!


  3. yanniesaurus says:

    Also, I think alot of the reason behind this culture is the fact that woman on man rape, while it exists, is uncommon. One, I doubt a man is going to walk into a cop station and tell the world a woman got the best of him. Secondly, how many men out there joke about it?

    I agree with your statements, and you are correct on all parts. But look at it realistically – when it happens, it is shocking, but it doesn’t happen enough to warrant the slogans that victimized women seem to get.

    • neilprotacio says:

      “But look at it realistically – when it happens, it is shocking, but it doesn’t happen enough to warrant the slogans that victimized women seem to get.”

      ^ My point exactly. As of late, the media turns the blind eye on cases that involve males as sexual assault victims. And people who protest trying to end rape culture do the same thing as well. I only hope that the next campaigns – and hopefully there are none after Steubenville – are gender neutral.

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