The Little Couple: MUST WATCH.

I am sooooo late!

I barely caught on to The Little Couple at the beginning of its 5th season, which was the season that focused a lot on the adoption process of William, their new son from China. But despite being tardy for the party, I can tell you all that I learned a lot – not only about dwarfism, but also about corny cheesy motivational stuff. I like when TLC does that to me. Sometimes, after a good how, I’ll cry. It’s sadomasochism like that that makes good television.

Right away, you find out that people with dwarfism face the same problems you do – it’s just that the table they talk it out on is a few inches lower than the one in your kitchen. What the show is so good at doing, however, is not focusing so much on the behavior of normal-sizers but rather, centralizing the series around their needs and desires: a home suitable for them and having a child.

The show takes your heart prisoner from the get-go and you can’t help but love Bill and Jennifer because they are such a match made in heaven. They’re an inspiring tale that grips your emotions and leaves you in the clutches of a warm embrace. By the time the credits roll, you can’t help but feel like friends and family. The journey of season 5 was too much. Waiting a whole week for the next episode was cringe worthy, but TLC never disappointed. You just want to reach out to Bill and Jen and yell ‘congratulations,’ but you can’t because they’re just so far. So you sit there and just stay content. My mom and I spoke for hours about it though.

The Little Couple is testimony that rings true to the saying: if there’s a will, there’s a way.

And if by chance I can get Bill and/or Jennifer to read this, CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂

Note: The video posted above is from TMZ. I take no credit for that. Also, one day, I’ll work for ya’ll. Just watch.

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