Amanda Bynes is Actually Just a Bitch

Twitter (AmandaBynes)

Twitter (AmandaBynes)

In a stunning revelation, – the one that kicked up in my spirit while I was cleaning my messy room – I’ve come to decide that Amanda Bynes is actually just a bitch.

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. Let’s just pretend that Bynes really is allergic to every drug and every alcoholic beverage out there. Let’s just pretend that Amanda didn’t hurtle a bong out the window. Or was smoking out of an incognito pipe whilst driving down the winded roads of Los Angeles.

Maybe she really does like the way she looks. Maybe her pent up frustration has met its limit and is pouring overcapacity. Now that she’s retired from acting, she doesn’t have to pretend to be a Hollywood goody-two-shoes for a job. The music industry is so versatile in that you can take shots at anybody.

I’m just going to leave it at that. As we pick and prod into the many aspects of her life – that end up going no where, by the way – the result is always the same. Bynes hastily defends herself on Twitter and continues to take shots at anybody… even her own dad.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary in the way she acts either. Her drastic makeover and her cruelty towards ugly people is nothing out of the ordinary in the shit we see on the everyday basis. I’m shocked that it has barely hit me now. Let us not teeter on the possibilities that have lead her to become so stank. This is Bynes uninhibited.

Alas, however, the tricks she’s performed has begged the question: how will she make a comeback if a comeback is even feasible?


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