Pasadena City College: I Just Can’t With Ya’ll

Honestly, I’d kill to be a student journalist at my community college because the shit that has hit the fan has turned into a fucking turd smoothie.

Long story short: Dustin Lance Black (yes, girl, the guy who produced Milk) was going to be the commencement speaker for the 2014 graduation, but because of nude pictures leaked back in 2009, the Board of Trustees nixed his invitation. The Board didn’t want to just outright say that, so fingers were pointed as part of a public relations scheme. The blame game ensues, causing all types of media mayhem, but because the people who run the school had no idea what they’re doing, they couldn’t even spin in the right direction. As of right now, the commencement speaker, Dr. Eric Walsh, has called off his speaking engagement.

Robin Abcarian of The Los Angeles Times is too nice. “I’m no spawn of Satan,” she writes in her editorial about Eric Walsh (who by the way, is not the most friendliest of bible huggers), “but I plan to wish upon a star, hoping that PCC gets it right this time.”

Oh my God, if only she knew.

If only she knew what type of people run that college and the consequent shit storms they’ve come to cause.

In closing, let us all collectively face palm as we watch PCC attempt to fan the fumes coming from the fire THEY caused.

“They could have just shut the fuck up about it and this all wouldn’t have happened,” I remember telling Christine, who, by the way, is fucking boss for all this coverage.

And then I remembered, oh yeah. It’s PCC.



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