Kim Pham: First Thoughts

file451297827287ABC7 brought in the goods.

And so did the LA Times.

Long story short: The trial against two women (Vanesa Zavala and Candace Brito), accused of fatally beating another woman (Kim Pham) outside a Santa Ana nightclub, has started. It’s been established that Pham was the aggressor, after having been bumped into by Emelia, a friend of both Zavala and Brito.

Girl, I have thoughts to share. But the main idea is this: it’s not looking too good for Zavala nor Brito.

Let’s dig.

If Pham was the aggressor and she confronted and duked it out with Emelia, what exactly urged Zavala and Brito to go Team Mario and Luigi and attack Pham? Images of Zavala’s bruises were shown to jury; however, the high road would be to restrain Pham or pull Emelia back. What these two ladies did was retaliate. No photos of Brito’s injuries were shown, which might mean she didn’t sustain any blows. A security guard of the club has already gone on the record, pointing Brito as the one who unleashed the kick to Pham’s face.

Second, Brito’s defense attorney said, “Evidence will show none of this would have occurred if Pham had said ‘excuse me’ and moved on.”

‘Excuse me’ for what? For standing in line while someone slams into her and rudely brushes it off without a mere ‘sorry’? If what the news and what’s said in court is correct, Emelia probably should’ve been the first to apologize.

Third, Zavala’s attorney argues that the coroner couldn’t determine which of Pham’s five injuries caused her death — as if that’s supposed to lessen the charge on any of them. If they can’t find Zavala guilty of the blunt force injury that off’d Pham, they’ll put her in for merely getting involved in the assault that her ass was promptly taken away from to begin with.

Fourth, the claim of self-defense gets weaker and weaker when you analyze the actions of the suspects after the incident – kind of like when a suspect flees the scene of the crime before cops get there. Zavala and Brito did exactly that, but left bread crumbs: Zavala’s cellphone.

Fifth: Asian gang members? What exactly constitutes as an Asian gang member? In my head, I see bald and skinny Asians wearing wife beaters. They have squeaky voices too. Some might even have Dragon Ball Z hair. Regardless, is the defense clinging onto any spin they possibly can to free Zavala and Brito? Hanging out in more than groups of 8 is not a gang. Being taunted, “you know where you’re at!” doesn’t constitute gang affiliation, given that the OC has the third highest Asian population in the United States.

Where are your bruises? Show me your receipts.

And the fact that you can’t name the gang? Yeah, OK. Have a seat.

Lastly, defense attorneys said that Kim Pham ultimately caused her own death.

Oh really, in what way?

In what shape or form did Kim Pham cause her own death? I’m actually curious.

By getting wasted at a nightclub?

By standing in line?

By standing right next to a bunch of sketchy looking Asians?

By being upset that someone bumped into her and not apologizing?

Gee whiz. Now I’m curious as to what opening statements these attorneys might come up with when they defend drivers who accidentally hit and kill crossing toddlers at 50 mph when they should’ve been going 25. I’m curious as to how they’ll respond when they defend men who coerce drunken college girls to give in and spread.

I’m curious and anxious to find out as to how they’ll be able to defend such a platform, given that Pham had died at the mercy of Zavala and Brito.

Pham caused her own death? Is you serious? Did the earth rumble and Brito’s leg come crashing down on top of her head just as nature intended?



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