REVIEW: It Follows

I’ve watched many movies and have felt compelled to write reviews about them, but right now, It Follows is the movie that has motivated me to log onto WordPress and write the good word.

Shortly put: It Follows was awesome.

The film revolves around Jay (Maika Monroe) who experiences terrifying encounters with something that’s following her after a late night romp with her 21-year-old male suitor, Hugh. The mysterious creature takes the form of anybody: a loved one, a friend, even a complete stranger.

Turns out, Hugh was the target of the mysterious stalker, and that sexcapade was just a means of passing on the torch. So, from the get-go, you know damn well what Jay has to do: sex someone else up and hope they escape from whatever it is, otherwise it goes back to stalking her. For anyone who likes to guess the ending — it may be obvious considering the fact that there are only few routes to go with Jay’s given circumstances: She’s a nice girl with a few friends — two of which are male. But in putting pressure on her circumstances, It Follows became intense and it definitely does work in lieu of risking a bad pay-off at the end.

The thing I love about It Follows is the fact that it creates this eerie hide-and-go-seek game that not only involves the players, but also the audience. Unless you’re part of that weird sixth degree of sexual separation, you can’t see whatever it is. Imagine your friends not even batting a lash as you thrash about, going off about someone being in the room. Thus is life for Jay, and the audience gets to play this horror version of Dora the Explorer. “It’s over there!” you’ll yell in your head as you point at a woman simply walking across the screen in a big open field as the squad talks amongst themselves – or if you’re me, you’ll actually just point and scream in the theater.

For the most part, you don’t know why it’s doing what it’s doing. But seldom do you even think about its reasoning or it’s logic. For once, you don’t really care.  I don’t know when it was for me, but there’s a sort of acceptance of it. The unknown remains unknown. You’re being dragged along for the ride with no turning back to question the powers that be. It simply is.

What’s also fascinating about It Follows is its direction and the style in which it plays out, which is definitely a nod to 80’s horror films with its heavy synth soundtrack and dynamic 360 whirling cinematography. It Follows may be different than its dark and ominous contemporaries, but it’s definitely stronger and creepier. You’ll be looking at your rear view mirror on the drive back home, that’s for sure.

So yes. Coming from someone who’s terrified of horror movies, I definitely think you should watch It Follows.

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