To deport or not to deport – that is the question.

The once loud and foulmouthed hip hop groupie, Kat Stacks, has decided to change her gutter slut ways for the better – and for good reason: she’s on the brink of deportation.

Kat Stacks, who is known for her whore-like antics of sleeping with hip hop superstars and dishing their dirt right after – most notably with Soulja Boy, was born Andrea Herrera in Aventura, Valenzuela. She emigrated to the United States at the age of 8 and had been ensnared in the webs of sex trafficking at 14. She has openly admitted in various mediums that she is a prostitute.

According to Herrera’s mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, Herrera’s years as a lady of the night,  is what created her alter ego. Her notoriety in the hip hop world has been fed into the lyrical fodder of Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, and Two Chainz. Unfortunately for her, the judge presiding over her deportation case had little to smirk about.

“The judge didn’t like my Kat Stacks persona,” Herrera said in an interview with XXL Magazine. “That’s the reason he told me that I’m not allowed to stay in the country, even though I showed him evidence of underage sex trafficking and domestic violence.”

Herrera has remained incarcerated since November 2010 after being apprehended at an airport in Nashville, Tennessee. Not much is known about why she was apprehended, however, a promoter who invited Herrera to appear at his event hinted at retribution after she failed to appear and not refund his money.

In July, the judge had ruled to deport Herrera, basically saying that there really is no point in the gal staying and that America has no intention of helping someone as fucked up as her to stick around. The Herrera family camp has since tried to wave flags at the Obama administration to overrule the deportation. According to ALLHIPHOP, Herrera has also found herself someone to marry to secure herself citizenship within the United States.

Suffice to say, despite the noticeable change from @ihatekatstacks to @admireandrea on Twitter as well as the philosophical and biblical quotes stemming from her timeline, I remain unconvinced that Herrera has truly become a changed woman.

She claims to have “empowered women” by playing the lady playa role; however, because of her citizenship (or lack thereof), she skates on thin ice. The fact that she’s “seen the light” is nothing more but a facade – a performance meant to betray.

I believe in second chances. I really do. And I really don’t think there’s a legitimate reason to deport Herrera. But really bitch? We can see right through you!

What’s your take? To deport or not deport?

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