Hollister Hoop-lah: Why are we surprised?

Yahoo just recently posted an article about Hollister models getting some heat before eventually getting fired for uploading pictures of themselves going gung-ho with their peace signs and slanty eyes at a newly opened South Korea location. Despite the fact that, holy crap, Hollister is actually still relevant, I’d like to pose the question: what the hell are we so surprised about?

Did we forget that Abercrombie & Fitch, the company that owns Hollister, is the same clothing brand that was willing to reject your application in front of your face just for being a person of color? Did we forget that if by chance these companiesĀ did hire someone who wasn’t white, a majority of them would be thrown in the stockroom, y’know, away from public sight as to save face? Did we forget that Abercrombie came out with this clever pun of a racist shirt, targeting Chinese names and accents? Did we forget that Hollister brushed off a woman’s religious background and demanded that she remove her hijab during working hours?

The list goes on and on and yet here we are as a society, scratching our heads and wondering, “Dear God, why oh why did those gorgeous men do such a stupid thing in the country that spawned one of the most influential tunes that has revolutionized our music industry ever?” And yes, I’m talking about Gangnam Style.

To answer that question, look no further than what we’ve already experienced back here in America. If they weren’t ashamed to point and laugh at your face here, they certainly aren’t going to be ashamed to be an asshole elsewhere – even if that means they’re fucking up the brand they’re there to represent.

I’m not going to go all out with my balls out about how “White America thinks they’re better than everyone” because I know that’s not true. I will, however, say that the brand does hire some of the stupidest and most ignorant people.

If you haven’t already noticed, the brand’s signature focus relies a lot on sex appeal. You see it on their ads, their walls, the way their clothes are designed – even down to the people who are working the floor. If a company is shallow enough to revolve around sexuality and make profit, plus all the prejudicial things aforementioned, why is it that we are having trouble grasping the concept that Abercrombie & Fitch as well as any other brand under it doesn’t care about cultural diversity? They don’t. So in return, you shouldn’t care about their brand either.

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