Russia’s Stupid Anti-Homosexuality Bill Scapegoats the LGBT.

Flickr (DawnOne): Gay Rights Demo in Russia, busted by riot police.

Flickr (DawnOne): Gay Rights Demo in Russia, busted by riot police in 2009.

Looks like the bear juggling bowling pins on a unicycle slipped, fell, and became homophobic in the process.

According to CBS News, “a bill that stigmatizes Russia’s gay community and bans the distribution of information about homosexuality to children was overwhelmingly approved by the lower house of parliament.” The bill is meant to influence corrupt youths to sway toward Russian “traditions” and away from Western liberalism. Additionally, it points the scolding finger at the gays for the country’s low birth rates.

Interestingly enough, the bill changes the wording from “homosexual propaganda” to “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” – a move that defines “relations not conducive to procreation.”

Not to be a dick about the technicalities, but wouldn’t that assume that spreading information that has nothing to do with heterosexual military position fucking is subject to scrutiny? Gay sex, no doubt, is not conducive to procreation; however, neither do heterosexual blowjobs, salad tossing, anal sex, dry humping, foot fucking – the list goes on and on. This begs the question; does this mean bondage, a stereotypically Russian thing, will be stigmatized? Please, Russia. Have a seat and please make sure to move the dildo as you do so.

In addition, the LGBT should not be blamed for their declining birth rates. The government should look more toward its abortion figures. Of course, I’m not bashing the pro-choice stance; however, despite their steep decline of abortion since 2002, Russia is still seen as the abortion capital of the world. In a country where you can terminate a pregnancy of up to 12 weeks – free of charge and frequently, might I add – perhaps Russia should campaign to save the ovaries and offer contraceptives and birth control alternatives… especially because unlicensed doctors performing abortions run rampant and can seriously fuck up fertility.

Russia is most definitely not the place to be nor is it a place to relocate to right now. Despite the decriminalization of homosexuality way back when, the country continues to wave bigot flags. Not only is the majority so outspoken about their hatred for us (dozens of gay rights protesters were detained), but their politicians spearhead movements that ban the LGBT from jobs and medical treatment. I’ve said it many times but I’ll repeat it until enough people can see the message crystal clear: I will never understand the hatred for gays. We are exactly like you. What Russia’s politicians are doing right now is blaming a minority for their history of high abortions.

Let’s call it like we see it ya’ll: prejudice.




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