Mo’Nique: Stepping to Success

Mo'Nique in 2010.

Mo’Nique in 2010.

Where Mama Mo’Nique at? For those who are unaware, take a gander at her twitter page and feast your eyes. Sexy curves through the roof!

In a day and age where Botox, plastic surgery, pill cocktails, and unhealthy diets is practically what it takes to get people to the figures they so desire, Mo’Nique proved to the world that you don’t have to step beyond those boundaries. She nodded all that off and turned to gym time and healthy foods instead.

Big girls, don’t feel betrayed. Although Mo’Nique has been known to empower the big and beautiful to not shy down to society, her message to them is this: live healthy and stay active so you can enjoy your loved ones longer.

It makes sense and we should all be inspired.

Twitter (MoWorldwide)

Twitter (MoWorldwide)

But if there’s one thing that Mo’Nique emphasizes on, it’s her walks. On Twitter, you’ll see that she posts pictures of her workouts and at night, she’ll show you how many steps she’s taken for the day. On the consistent basis, Mo’Nique is walking over 10,000 steps a day! I can’t imagine how she’s doing all that while cramming in all the work she has to do as an entertainer.

I decided that if I were going to take having an active lifestyle seriously (and I still am – it’s just that I get sidetracked), I would have to take baby steps. 10,000 of’em. And let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems.

The 10,000 step system was taken up from a system in Japan where walking 5 minutes is practically the norm. Have you seen the Japanese? Those are some skinny people, I tell you. Anyway, the average American walks 2,300 to 3,000 steps a day – way below the 10,000 level. Take a look around your city and tell me it doesn’t show that any of us are even walking close to 5,000. And if you’re a writer who spends most of his time on his ass and on the computer, you’re probably taking about 1,000 – 3,000 steps.

But surely the walk to my car counts for something. Yeah, like 150 steps depending on how conveniently you parked your car.

Twitter (MoWorldwide)

Twitter (MoWorldwide)

Ever since I started following in Mo’Nique’s footsteps, I’ve learned a lot about my lifestyle. I’ve literally been chair-bound for these past few months. I know I forget to turn my pedometer on, but I still feel bad about only logging an average of 2,538 steps a day. The sad thing is, if I’m not going to my internship and having to park and repark my car every 2 hours, I’m at home taking the most minimal amount of steps I can. I remember logging only 546 one time. It speaks volumes about my inactive lifestyle and I want to… no, NEED to change that.

Perhaps we should all learn a little lesson from Mo’Nique. Stay active. Put ourselves in her shoes and just WALK.

Mo'Nique Tweeted Me! :D

Mo’Nique Tweeted Me! 😀

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