Marriage: Redefining it is a problem because…?

Flickr (FibonacciBlue)

Flickr (FibonacciBlue)

Proponents of same-sex marriage bans have been quick to discard accusations of their bigotry. In fact, many of them pull the curtain of “traditional definition.” They don’t need to change the word. They want to adhere to the old definition of marriage because – I don’t know.

Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic issue, especially since the Supreme Court is about to make a landmark ruling on whether or not Proposition 8, a voter approved ballot initiative that DOES infringe upon the rights of the LGBT community, is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court may rule in six different ways – five of them resulting in same-sex marriage being allowed in California. If the Supreme Court decides that a ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, then same-sex marriage would be recognized* in all 50 states, therefore abolishing the Defense of Marriage Act enacted by Bill Clinton in 1996.

And that scares conservatives. It scares them because their marriage would be equal to a same-sex marriage. Perish the thought! And now that the President has sided with equality, these assholes are shaking in their granny panties because apparently it infringes the right to vote.

“Whatever authority [Obama] has in this regard, I don’t think it extends to something as fundamental as a de facto redefinition of marriage in states who through their democratic processes have made it clear they oppose such a change,” said Gary Bauer, the president of evangelical group, American Values.

Using the definition of marriage as your argument to deny rights and benefits to same-sex couples is duh-duh-dumb. In that light, standing by the majority in an issue that basically turns the LGBT community into second-class citizens is blatantly offensive. What gives the people the right to decide what benefits go to whom just because of the definition of a word?

Once upon a time, marijuana was called a ‘drug,’ but as years went by and the United States realized that the fucking thing was just a damn plant, Americans were quick to drop their judgments. Now, the consumption of marijuana is legal in various states. Despite the fact that marijuana has mind-altering properties, especially when taken in large doses, the national conversation has never made it to such a stage as the Supreme Court. But the word MARRIAGE is staring the Supreme Court justices in the face. Never has the United States been so amped up about a WORD. A FUCKING WORD!

Why does it matter to you what a gay couple decides to call their relationship? This whole underlying tone of “marriage-vs-domestic partnership” is reminiscent of Jim Crowe laws (separate but equal).  Same-sex marriage only involves same-sex couples. No rocket science there. It’s not necessarily something opposite-sex couples have to stress about… unless they feel so inclined to worry about it. But for what reason? Because they’re bigots, that’s why. Ignorance continues to spread like wildfire and it’s amazing what types of stupidity I hear come out of people’s mouths on the day-to-day basis when I read their blogs or watch television shows where they assume they’re proclaiming truth. If there’s one thing same-sex marriage will be at fault for, it’s not going to be lowering the age of consent or being able to marry your dog, it’ll be forcing the people to mature and understand the lifestyle.

But let’s be honest. “Understanding” the lifestyle is an overkill. There’s no need to understand a lifestyle when it closely mirrors the norm. We just can’t procreate and we’re totally into leather.

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