Pasadena City College Students Left to Drown in Campus Politics

The Courier

The Courier


Huge red flags were raised a month ago about how the extended spring units may not count for fall transfer students. The rumor was dismissed after Courier staff and a student representative communicated their concerns with an administrator. Alas, it seemed like all was in the clear and there was nothing to worry about.

Fast forward to today. Surprise! Extended spring will count as a summer session! 

Just so you understand the gravity of the situation, some universities do not accept summer units for transfer and because of that, students might have to spend another semester or two at PCC.

The goal of every community college is to foster an environment conducive to learning and to help students fulfill their career plans by putting them in the right direction. Pasadena City College as of late has been a heated battleground of politics and it’s at the expense of students, most of whom probably don’t give a rat’s ass about what’s happening at the various meetings happening in and out of campus.

Suffice to say, what a train wreck.

Students who are planning on transferring to a university should heed the Courier’s advice and talk to their counselors and student representatives.  This is unfair and you shouldn’t have to put up with any of this bullshit.

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