Pasadena City College Keeps Extended Spring Disaster Under Wraps


Read the Courier. Inform yourselves. Long story short, a miscommunication between the campus and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office has put Fall transfer in jeopardy. The extended spring semester will be marked on transcripts as “summer” because apparently, extended spring was not in compliance with some sort of Title 5 code. Because UCs, CSUs, and some private universities don’t accept classes after the official Spring semester, students who want to transfer for the Fall semester won’t be able to.

This is disastrous. I wrote about the fiasco a bit yesterday and I’ve accused the move to eliminate the winter intersession contradictory to community college philosophy – which is basically, get students out and on with their lives.

Being a publicly funded entity, I would think that the college would do anything in their power to help those students. Yet despite the fact that I give Pasadena City College the benefit of the doubt, the powers that be in that political battleground have, again, proved me wrong.

In the linked article by Christine Michaels (Editor in Chief of the Courier), officials have told her that emails were sent out to students taking extended spring in order to scope out those affected by the “summer” mark. The administration has created teams that would scope out those students and their respective universities to let them know about the situation.

A post in a Facebook group of active PCC community members have led me to believe otherwise.

“The counseling office did not email all students,” wrote Kevin Clinton on the Facebook group, Students for PCC. “As usual, there were students who did not get the email and found out third hand. I talked to several today.”

Nor did any of us in the media (me included because I’m subscribed to the press releases) received any type of release or statement from the college admins about the situation. In addition, if you take a look at the college’s website, you won’t see any mention of extended spring or a LINK that can simply say “IF YOU TOOK EXTENDED SPRING AND ARE PLANNING TO TRANSFER FOR FALL 2013, PLEASE CLICK HERE.” Instead, a loud-ass banner on the side advertises Summer intersession, “Now serving 500 more classes!”

The homepage of PCC.

The homepage of PCC.

Thanks Proposition 30 money – you know, the funding that we just couldn’t risk and instead threw students under the bus.

Understandably, the college’s longevity and all around well-being is important to providing a learning experience, but there’s something wrong when you can’t seem to balance the community college goal with finances. It’s a recurring theme in the fight to preserve education, one that is fought in schools nationwide. Only thing is, Pasadena City College doesn’t seem to understand the concept of reaching out to students.

If you’ve been adamant in your decision to eliminate winter intersession in exchange for a trimester system THINKING it’s going to help, I can see the good that can come from that. But a mistake is a mistake. Own up to it! It all begins with admitting what went wrong… which they’ve done with the Courier. But you can’t expect students to read newspapers and blogs to keep up with what’s happening. There needs to be intense effort to help alleviate the situation.

This situation requires urgent care. This is possibly one of the worst situations that I’ve ever seen happen to PCC.

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  1. Sunny says:

    I already emailed the chancellor, and he replied

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