Western Australia Thinks It’s in Jaws Sequel, Plans Mass Slaughtering of Sharks

I’ve feared the ocean for so long. I remember watching this movie of a chick getting her foot tangled up in some seaweed while waves continuously pounded her. She eventually got dragged down and bashed her head on a rock. Nope, never heard from again.

The movie didn’t even have anything to do with her being in the water, but the impact of that single scene made bricks drop out of my ass. Ever since then, I’ve just been so scared of stepping foot on a beach. There are instances of bravery where I let my feet get wet, but to stand waist-deep in what I presume will be the death of me? Never that.

(Flickr: hermanusbackpackers)

(Flickr: hermanusbackpackers)

Other than drowning, another fear that I have is being eaten by a shark. I’ve seen the news, and well, shit happens. People step into the ocean and a shark thinks, “oh look a seal.” Then it’s like Jaws all over again. I’ve had images where me and my family are chilling at the beach and my little brother – the one who I perceive to be the most naïve – steps foot into the ocean. And the minute his foot touches the water, a great white shark bursts from the waters and crashes down on him, taking both of them under water.

Maybe I’m just overprotective.

But nonetheless, I find sharks to be very intriguing – and I think almost half the world does too, otherwise there wouldn’t be a damn Sharks Week on the Discovery Channel. Add that to the fact that I’m friends with Barbs, who’s like, a shark enthusiast, and pow, I’m a fan from afar.

But there’s foolishness happening in Western Australia. While the chances of an actual shark attack happening are one in a million, the incidents happening in the land down under have made it seem as if it happens more frequently… at least that’s what the news make it seem like. Right now, Western Australia holds the title of The World’s Most Dangerous Place for Shark Attacks. No one knows why sharks are suddenly all up in everyone’s business… or maybe perhaps we’re all up in theirs?

The Western Australian government is making a move to make beaches safer. According to a chance.org petition, there’s a $6.85 million “shark mitigation strategy.”  And if you want to get to the meat and potatoes of the shit, it basically means they’re going to murder sharks, plain and simple.

Now I’m not necessarily the most active of animal rights activist so for me to be preaching to you about why this is wrong is very wtf. But honestly, the fact that their government is planning a mass murdering of sharks just so that our species can vacation is selfish. There are way more animals out there who are fucking our shit up worse than sharks and I know that because hello. It’s Australia. And if the government’s reasoning behind the mass slaughtering is that they’re scared for their safety, then these motherfuckers shouldn’t even be stepping foot into the ocean to begin with.

(Flickr: ScottDavis)

(Flickr: ScottDavis)

What the hell gives us the right of sovereignty over sharks, but even more so to claim the ocean as ours?  With the shit we do to the ocean every single day, I probably would chomp on all ya’ll asses too if I were a great white. What’s even more surprising is the fact that instead of taking the easier approach (you know, educating themselves), the Western Australian government is putting in more effort (and money) into searching for and slaughtering defenseless animals. How cruel can you be?

The better approach to this fishy situation is to learn more about great whites and to increase safety and security at beaches. To just blatantly teach our gilled friends a lesson by killing them is just an asshole move and not to mention ignorant.

If you want to voice out your concern for sharks, you can sign this change.org petition by clicking here.

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