Beat, Tase, and Kill; Not Guilty!

(Flickr: Connor395)

(Flickr: Connor395)

So just out of purest curiosity, how many of you are shocked by the Kelly Thomas beating verdict?

I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody was.

Seems to me that no matter how staggering the incriminating evidence you bring to the jury, they’ll somehow manage to throw up the white flag for the authorities – even with a disturbingly chilling video.

Now that the verdict is all said and done, we have to focus on the ‘right now.’ Police need to rework the way they handle situations like that, and most importantly their conduct. The aftermath of an “arrest” should never have to be broadcasted or posted up on websites. The gory details in pictures and video will forever be just one of hundreds of testimonies to police brutality. And if we had to be real about it, just what kind of tactic is beating a suspect like a piñata? God damn.

I’m disgusted. Not because of the photos, but because this is honestly how some cops choose to handle people. There needs to be a change. But the question that’s staring at everyone in the face is HOW? How can we get the police to review their harmful methods at the tail end of a Not Guilty verdict? How can we get these local law enforcers to say, “hold up, wait a minute” after bloggers all over the world post videos of countless other police misconducts and nothing happens?

While the FBI will be examining the trial case, let’s hope it’s not “back to regular business” for Fullerton Police – or any police department for the matter.

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