MH370: When You Honestly Have No Idea


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Well, this whole Malaysia Airlines fiasco isn’t putting my fear of flying to rest at all. My friends and I made plans to fly over to New York one day and the minute I heard that a huge Boeing could actually vanish without a trace, I immediately started looking for alternative routes, i.e. the bus (I ain’t driving).

I don’t know what conclusion to draw about the fate of MH370, nor am I surprised that conspiracies about terrorism and “the government’s not telling us something” are sprouting up. Honestly, how can something so massive just disappear? Who the hell was in that plane that could no so much about flying that they just made the fucking thing drop off the radar? Why did one of the pilot’s flight simulator data erase? Why isn’t there technology that can trace any plane? What if there IS technology that can trace a plane and they’re not telling us about it?

Paranoia, ya’ll.

So here we are, the world (well, most of it) is coming together to try and find this damn plane. Yet despite having satellites that can see ant shit in the middle of Los Angeles traffic, we honestly don’t know what happened. Perhaps that’s why MH370 is constantly on everyone’s news updates. I know CNN is driving everyone up the walls with their constant tweets of the plane search. Any new lead, to them anyway, is a step toward discovery. I usually low brow news organizations reporting on something as small as “Chinese satellite sees floating object,” because honestly, it might turn out to be a whale’s penis poking out from underneath the sea. But I feel as though these news agencies are updating everyone as some sort of pat on the back.

Sort of like, “Everything will be alright.”

At least, I’d like to think everything would be all right. I think the minute the media stops paying attention to MH370 without some sort of resolution (i.e.: plane wreckage found or world leaders put halt to MH370 search) is a bitch slap to the efforts put out by these many different governments, and even more so for the 200-something families that have been affected by the disappearance. If this huge object that China found is nothing, I still think organizations will keep their ears to the door.

Why? Because for once, nobody in the world knows what the fuck is happening. And that, to me, is news.

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