Carol, And Why I Love Thee

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Are you not entertained?

The collective, nationwide gasps gave me life. And just think, all of you, including my own loved ones, turned your backs on Carol Pelletier after “Indifference.” Shame on you! Now look at all of you riding her ball sack so viciously.

And honestly, “Grove,” the latest episode of The Walking Dead, showcased why I will ride to the very end with Carol.

Here’s how I see it: Carol is one of the strongest characters the show has ever developed, passing even Rick, the show’s main protagonist. What started off as a weak and abused victim was artistically crafted into someone I probably would’ve volunteered to be leader of the prison – or at least a damn lieutenant.

Underneath that newly formed stonewall exterior is a miniscule of hope, flickering, but present amidst the moans and groans of the undead. Carol is as delicate as a flower, but she doesn’t let her emotions cloud her judgment. And unlike Rick, who seemed to be OK harvesting crops on prison grounds like shit hasn’t hit the fan, Carol, on the other hand, was inside the prison, honing the young on their survival skills and prepping them for emotional turmoil. Think of her as the subliminal slap across the face. “Snap the fuck out of it!”

And many times, she’s the voice of reason – possibly one of the harsher ones. Lest we forget, when Rick blows his steam off about Carol murdering Karen and David, Carol is cold in her rebuttal: “You don’t have to like what I did.”

Her two major choices – killing Karen and David, then offing Lizzie most recently – are divisive, but at least a decision was made. She’s not one to take chances. She won’t linger around with the sick, nor will she even teeter on the same path as someone who’s clearly off their rockers. But in her selfishness, her struggle to survive, there is also a beacon of hope. She’s protecting her pack. Why wouldn’t you want to side with someone who, despite her traumas, can move forward without looking back?

There are only two more episodes left and the writing team arc’d her like a motherfucker. I can’t wait to see what’s coming for Carol. What I’m scared of is the fact that they’ve amped her up so big that a potential doom seems to be in store for her. Who knows? The Walking Dead is gifted in the art of keeping its audience on their toes.

What do you think of Carol? Also, who’s your favorite The Walking Dead character?

P.S. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. Seems like I lost the spark to write, but it’s starting up again. On the plus side, I found a job so that’ll keep me on my toes for the mean time. 😉

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3 Responses to Carol, And Why I Love Thee

  1. Mr. Perfect says:

    I kind of understood where lizzie was coming from, everyone is going to turn to a zombie anyway so why kill the zombies…. what’s the point, why not learn to live with them, and turning into one is just part of life anyway….I kind think Carol didn’t have to kill her, hell they let the governor live…the first time anyway

    • neilprotacio says:

      Interesting perspective. I wonder how things would have gone if humans collectively just got together and used the undead in practical ways like at the end of Shaun of the Dead?

  2. Mr. Perfect says:

    and you’re right about Carol having good development, I think the problem with the show is that everyone’s past is too mysterious, the 1st season was good because you knew who the characters were early and they even had cool flashbacks scenes but now…..most of the original characters are pretty stagnant as far as development and the new ones are still too mysterious…nobody knows who bob is, Tyree is a great actor and shows good emotion but it would be cool to have some insight on who he was before everything went down….Carol love her or hate her, she has evolved during the show….gotta love that.

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