Syrian Refugees and Social Media’s Hypocricy


Just a few months ago, we were sharing pictures of dead Syrian children and #PrayingForSyria. We were posting links to news articles about the atrocities the Syrians were facing abroad, and we wanted everyone and their mothers to know because we felt that nobody should ever live with the constant fear of airstrikes, bombings, and gunfire.

Today, we’re turning our backs on the very people we were the most vocal about.

What happened?

One of the rudimentary principles of the United States is that it thrives on giving immigrants the opportunity of a better life. In fact, the Statue of Liberty is a monument devoted to welcoming newcomers. Why are we not extending our sympathy to the Syrian people?

Because of fear?

That’s such a shitty excuse, and it’s not one that Paris will use.

Each time you spew a bigot response about an entire population, you’re adding fuel to the fire. And every time you debate with others on why  refugees shouldn’t be allowed in the United States, you’re giving extremists an arsenal of reasons why they should continue what they’re doing.

By cowering in fear, we’re losing the war on terrorism.

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