Why This Not-So Politically Minded Individual is Voting For Bernie Sanders

It’s not that I’m not ready for a female president. I am ready for a female president. I just don’t think it should be Hillary Clinton.


I don’t know why, to be honest. But from what I remember, Clinton went on The Ellen Show a few years ago and told her she didn’t support same-sex marriage.

Yeah. To her face.

Of course, later on down the election trail, she pivoted.

I’m voting for Bernie Sanders because I truly do believe that he gives two shits about the issues that I actually care about. Minimum wage. Education. Drug enforcement. The environment. People of color. LGBT values.

I’m unfazed by the “BUT HE’S A SOCIALIST” rants. America’s in the position to experiment with different economic systems. In my head, I’m thinking free education and free health care at the expense of the wealthy would do more good than bad.

But that’s just me.

About neilprotacio

Freelance journalist who just so happens to know what goes well with certain breads.
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